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"We just can't thank you enough for Lacey. She is MORE than we ever expected. We love her so much. You should be proud of the job you've done shaping these puppies into the delightful babies they are."

Kathy and Tim Coder
Fitchburg, MA

"After retiring, I spent a year researching breeds and breeders for our next family dog. I am so fortunate to have found Michele at Mariposa Havanese! I have owned four other dogs, but never have I had such a positive dog purchasing experience as I had with Michele. Having only large dogs in the past, I had lots of questions about this small breed with which I was relatively unfamiliar. During my first phone call Michele not only answered all of my questions, but graciously invited me to her home to meet her Havanese family.  As I sat in her living room surrounded by several of her beautiful Havanese, I was able to quickly fall in love with this breed and see first-hand what a wonderful environment Michele provides for her dogs and puppies. She further explained her breeding philosophy to me. I was most impressed by the Carmen Battaglia Early Neurological Stimulation, Temperament Evaluations, and the early socialization she does with her puppies to ensure they get the very best start possible. This is the mark of a great breeder who truly cares about each puppy, and I am convinced this is why we have such a smart, well-adjusted puppy today. Michele's primary goal is clearly not to make fast money, but to create wonderful canine companions while preserving a lineage of which she can be extremely proud.

After my first visit, I was invited to come back and visit any time and did indeed make several visits once the puppies were born. Michele was instrumental in helping me choose the best puppy for our family, blending knowledge of our life style with her expert observations of the personalities of the individual puppies. Michele kept in constant communication throughout the entire process, from sending weekly pictures and videos to recommendations of supplies and home preparation for a puppy to assistance finding a good local vet. When we picked up our puppy she took time to show us some grooming tips, and sent us home with a crate, a huge bag full of supplies, a notebook full of important information and tips, all his paperwork, and even a flash drive with all his pictures on it!

On top of all that, our relationship didn't end the day we took our puppy home.  Michele continues to be a resource who welcomes us to call her with any questions or concerns, no matter how big or small. She sends emails encouraging the proper continuing training and socialization for creating a “good canine citizen." Thanks to Michele, we now have a sweet, smart, lively, loving ball of furry fun in our little Dash. We couldn't be more pleased or recommend a breeder relationship more highly than with Michele Nieberding at Mariposa Havanese."

Brenda and John Woodcock
Charlotte, NC


"I picked a Mariposa Havanese puppy after months of researching Havanese breeders and meeting with several of them. Michele is by far the most involved breeder I have met. The amount of time she spends with the puppies makes such a difference, as well as her attention to every detail. She is devoted to all of her dogs and is careful to place each pup in the best home, finding the best match. She has also made herself readily available to help with any questions.

My pup, Bear, has spent every night happily in a crate since the day I brought him home. He was fairly easy to house train and rings a bell to go outside.

He has quite a personality, everyone loves him. When he first meets someone, it takes about a minute for him to investigate, and then he has a new best friend. I do think it helps every pup to get out and be socialized as soon as possible, he started puppy training right away, and goes lots of places with the family. He is eager to learn and please. Also, he is very smart. When the bears come around the house, he hides behind his big brother, an 80 pound Labrador Retriever.

Bear has been going out to the farm where I keep my horse since he was a puppy. He learned quickly to stay out of the way on trail rides. As he has aged, when I ride in the ring he hangs out on the sidelines, instead of running around. He gets along well with the four dogs at the barn.

Bear has been taking agility classes for a year and loves it. He is quite fast and agile.

Because he is so active, I take him to the groomer every 5-6 weeks to get trimmed in a puppy cut, no maintenance!

In summary, I am thrilled that I chose a Havanese and so happy to have found Michele!"

Nancy Jones
Asheville, NC

I can't thank you enough for this wonderful puppy and the fabulous job that you do with all your pups, they are truly special.  I've read about the breed, but it is your work and effort in doing what it takes to perfect this breed and the puppies that you produce. 

Ted Levin Charleston, SC

On behalf of my husband and three children, I want to thank you for the amazing job you have done in producing a quality pet for our family. Changing from a big 'outdoor' dog family to a small indoor dog was a big change for me personally and I was a bit apprehensive to say the least. We spent endless hours researching the Havanese breed which met my hygienic and personality requirements for the children. Over the months that followed we learned an incredible amount of information about the care you take in raising healthy, social, and adaptable puppies. I can’t get over how great Pedro fits into our family and our unique situation. But it appears I am not alone, based on the responses from his siblings owners. The time and love you put into raising these puppies is invaluable for anyone looking to expand their family with a small companion. For our family, Pedro’s tolerance of our daughters constantly picking him up just to say hi and tell him how cute he is or to give him a hug and then there is our son who insists Pedro dances with him while holding his front paws, needless to say he gets a lot of random attention. Most impressively is his sensitivity to my husband who is a combat veteran and deals daily with many physical and mental health challenges. Pedro senses the changes in my husband whether it is PTSD related or increased pain, he responds as if he was a highly trained therapy dog. We are so grateful for the time and care you took with us in preparing for our new addition and the after care package you sent home with us has been invaluable. Please feel free to share our contact information with any perspective owners, we would be happy to talk with them about our experience being new Havanese owners, having young children with a small dog or any question they may have. And of course my husband's favorite part "he came potty trained to a litter box!" Thank you again Michele.

The Hanson's
Roanoke, VA

Zoe is the sweetest puppy ever. She is taking over everybody at the office. We have a pen in the middle of the large front office. Everyone just loves her.  She is sleeping through the night and has not had one "accident " yet. 
Thank you for providing me a REAl JOY. She is the BEST.

Roland Mouchette
Tuscaloosa, AL 


Michele- I know I am full of questions and I cannot thank you enough for your patience and complete and detailed answers. I am so grateful I found you. Our whole family is so excited and impressed with your efforts to have a successful transition home for all the beautiful puppies. 

Heidi Nelson
Aiken, SC

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