Puppies are 9 weeks old and getting ready to go home starting this Thursday!  We had baths and then played outside and got our feet wet! Maybe you can see, we don't like holding still for photos!

Int'l Ch. Mariposa Bella Donna TDI

Bella x Jefe puppies

4 weeks old!  We have moved into a pen and have adapted nicely.  We are also enjoying the beautiful weather outside for a short time each day.

Puppies from this litter are all spoken for... You can scroll down to see development from 1 day to current age...

2 weeks old and eyes are open!

5 weeks old and we are starting to get teeth and eat solid food.  We are playing outside each day and having fun!

One week old and growing!  By about 14 days old we will have our eyes & ears open, however it may take a few extra days to get the photos taken.  I try not to take flash photos for the first day or two after eyes are open.  The light is very bright for them.

7 weeks old now!

6 weeks old!  We are learning about the world outside of our pen.

10 weeks old.  2 went home and 2 will go home this week.

8 weeks old now!

Bella and Jefe welcomed 4 beautiful girls into the world this afternoon (8/1/2015)
Individual photos will be taken at one day old and then weekly and posted on this page.  The litter theme is "Disney Princesses"

Ariel - Black & Tan with White Markings: white rear feet, tip of tail, chest and tiny spot on neck
Cinderella - Black & Tan with White Markings: 3 white feet, tip of tail & chest
Elsa - Black & Tan with White Markings: 4 white feet, tip of tail, chest, neck & forehead
Jasmine - Black with White Markings: 4 white feet, tip of tail and chest

We are one day old and have settled in with our mom.

Havanese at Mariposa

3 weeks old - We are playing and beginning to use our litter box.

Starborn's Jefe Juan Pequeno