We are 5 weeks old and now have some teeth.  Eating some solid food & still nursing

The theme for this litter is "Classic Movies"

We are 8 weeks old and now know which family each of us will be part of!  Yippee!


Ch. TLC Red Hot Charley Pepper At Adors

Grace x Charley puppies

Puppies are 2 weeks old and eyes are open.  Eyes will get clearer as they get older.

These are photos from a previous breeding for the purpose of seeing the development of Havanese puppies.  This litter has already gone home.

9 weeks old.  Getting ready to go home!

Six weeks old now.  We play hard and nap hard! Michele took us for a car ride to Durham and we all passed our BAER (Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response) test

4 weeks old and where did the time go?  We are starting to use the litter box.  Playing and nibbling on eachother's ears.  Maybe we'll see or feel some teeth by next week!

Puppies are 1 week old!  Not the easiest to thank photos of, however I understand everyone is anxious to see them grow.

Belamour Grace Under Fire At Mariposa

7 weeks has flown by.  We had temperament evaluations and all did well!

10 weeks old and thriving with their new families.....

Maverick with Jeff, Lanie and Maddon

Ellie with Monica, Keilyn & Bucky

3 weeks old and we have moved from the whelping box to a small pen with a litter box.

Havanese at Mariposa