5 weeks old! We are growing and playing!

Grace x Ryder puppies

We were blessed with 7 beautiful puppies, 3 females and 4 males. The theme for this litter is "Summer Nights". The temporary names represent things associated with warm nights and summer skies since this litter was born on a warm July night and are intended to identify each puppy until their family gives them a call name...

"Bolt" - Male Black Irish Pied  (black with white feet, chest, neck and tip of tail)
"Firefly" - Female Cream Parti (strawberry red)
"Nova" - Female Cream Parti (strawberry red)
"Comet" - Male Black Parti Belton (black head, white body with 2 black spots on rear) 
"Twilight" - Male Cream Parti (strawberry red markings)
" Storm" - Male Black Parti Belton (black head, white body with black spot on shoulder)
"Star" - Female Black Irish Pied (black with white feet, chest, neck and tip of tail)

3 weeks old and we are on the move (now that we can see where we are going)! Our (nose) pigment is coming in too. This is especially evident on our cream brothers and sisters.

10 weeks old and going home...

1 week old! We are growing and should have our eyes & ears open next week

2 weeks old and we have our eyes open and are starting to walk (versus crawl). Our eyesight will improve with time. For now our eyes are a bit cloudy and "blueish" looking.

Puppies from this litter are all spoken for... You can scroll down to see development from 1 day to current age...

Havanese at Mariposa

8 weeks old!


Mariposa Ticket to Ryde Via Starborn

6 weeks old... Mom has stopped nursing us because we have teeth!

Sorry for delay in getting these 9 week old photos posted. We are almostready to go home! Thanks to my friends Lanie & Jeff for helping with my computer!

4 weeks old… we are eating solid food in addition to nursing and have now moved into a small pen with a litter box.  We also have had some visitors! 

7 Weeks old and we are busy!  Play is our work and we play hard!
Part of our temperament evaluations are done...  Michele is working on the rest :) Announcements as to which family we get to live with will be out before Saturday, September 12th!

Belamour Grace Under Fire At Mariposa