• Many people are interested in the many colors Havanese are known for, however, Havanese are also known for changing colors!  The most important qualities to look for are health of the parents & temperament of the parents and the puppy 
  • First you will see photos of some of my puppies from previous litters showing them in age progression so you can see color changing - or not
  • Another great website to visit regarding color of Havanese is Havanese Colors of the Rainbow
  • The 4th puppy has the silvering gene.  He was born black with a white collar.  The black changed to silver and is now charcoal at 3 years of age.  This is not bad, it is just what some Havanese do
  • The 6th puppy was born black and tan with white markings.  He has the silvering gene.  By the time he was 1 year old, he was mostly silver and black.  Now he is silver and white!
  • All pictures below are from 1 week of age through 3 years of age

Havanese Color Changes

Havanese at Mariposa