One day old....

Piper x Jefe Puppies

At 2 weeks of age puppies ears are open, eyes are opening yet still a bit cloudy and they are walking around!  They do not stay still for long so these photos are not easy to get.  some of the backgrounds are a little out of focus and Cody is white on his body rather than the yellowish/brown cast in the photo! Enjoy, next weeks photos will be more fun :)

Can you believe we are 8 weeks old and will be going home in 2 more weeks?
Some of us even have new names!

We are 5 weeks old and are getting teeth! We have begun eating some solid food and we got our first "real" bath!  We even got our toenails cut.  It was so fun to meet our future families in this past week as well.

Puppies are 6 weeks old, eating solid food well and love to play!  The photos this week are of each puppy coming through the tunnel that they play in. 

We are 9 weeks old and have our 1st DHPP shot.  Dr. Sylvia listened to our hearts, our lungs and checked our patellas.  Everyone got a clean bill of health! Going to get BAER (brainstem auditory evoked response) testing tomorrow!

Wow! 3 weeks old already.  Puppies are navagating their box quite well and a few are beginning to use the litter box :)  Time for a move to a small pen and some toys!

These are photos from a previous breeding for the purpose of seeing the development of Havanese puppies.  This litter has already gone home.

Puppies are now one week old and have doubled their birth weight!  The theme for this litter is the Charlotte Hornets.  With 5 boys, a basketball team seems appropriate for their temporary names  Introducing...

Puppies are 10 weeks old and going home this week.  We all passed our BAER test!


4 weeks old!  We walk with ease and play with each other!  

Havanese at Mariposa


Puppies are 7 weeks old, playing in larger area and pretty reliably using their litter box.  We all have teeth and are learning bite inhibition. We are also doing a great job eating solid food!