Havanese at Mariposa

4 weeks old!  Our pen has been moved to the living room where we hear household noises and can learn there are  other dogs besides our mama.  


Mariposa Ticket to Ryde Via Starborn

Piper x Ryder puppies (2)

5 weeks old!  

Puppies are all spoken for Introducing... The Carolina Panthers (litter theme) Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis & Graham Gano

7 weeks old, exploring in the yard...

We are 3 weeks old and growing fast! I have had some questions about their markings so have taken a face shot and a body shot.  Please remember that temperament trumps markings for a good match.

2 weeks old....

9 weeks old...and we don't like to hold still for photos!

8 weeks old...

Six weeks old today and we had "real" baths!  We were not thrilled to have our pictures taken this week after the blow dryer.

Our eyes are open!  Picture with blue background is right at 2 weeks. Picture with tan background taken at 2 1/2 weeks with eyes open.  Note: eyes will be blueish and a bit cloudy at first.  By the time they are 10 weeks old, eyes will be clear. 

One day old....

Belamour Grace Under Fire At Mariposa