9 weeks old...and we don't like to hold still for photos!

Our eyes are open!  Picture with blue background is right at 2 weeks. Picture with tan background taken at 2 1/2 weeks with eyes open.  Note: eyes will be blueish and a bit cloudy at first.  By the time they are 10 weeks old, eyes will be clear. 


Mariposa Ticket to Ryde Via Starborn

Piper x Ryder puppies (2)

Puppies are all spoken for Introducing... The Carolina Panthers (litter theme) Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis & Graham Gano

Havanese at Mariposa

One day old....

8 weeks old...

5 weeks old!  

7 weeks old, exploring in the yard...

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Belamour Grace Under Fire At Mariposa

We are 3 weeks old and growing fast! I have had some questions about their markings so have taken a face shot and a body shot.  Please remember that temperament trumps markings for a good match.

Six weeks old today and we had "real" baths!  We were not thrilled to have our pictures taken this week after the blow dryer.

2 weeks old....

4 weeks old!  Our pen has been moved to the living room where we hear household noises and can learn there are  other dogs besides our mama.