Puppies are 3 weeks old. Many thanks to my dear friends Lanie and Jeff Meissner who came up from Florida to take care of my dogs and puppies while my husband & I took a trip to Wisconsin and Chicago for my family reunion.

8 weeks old and time is flying! We are eating our kibble dry now and loving it. Will be practicing in our crates in the coming week. We all love to go in the empty crate in our pen. Please don't put our crate in our pen when we get home as we become more agile and will jump on top of it and use it as a ladder to get out! Some of us have new "call" names!

The theme for this litter is "Predominately Pink"!  These are temporary names we use to identify each puppy rather than an impersonal "puppy #1 etc...

We are 6 females and 1 male!
We are 1 day old in the first series of pictures.

6 weeks old already! We are "play monsters". Stella visited us this week and helped with ourfirst "real" bath. We played outside on the deck and outside on a plastic crinkley tarp over an uneven surface! Then today we started learning clicker training. What a week!

These are photos from a previous breeding for the purpose of seeing the development of Havanese puppies.  This litter has already gone home.

4 weeks have flown by!  Puppies are almost running now!  They have played outside on the grass, practiced walking on a laminate floor and are climbing in and out of the litter box!

9 weeks old ... we are learning bite inhibition by biting each other and mom and learning it HURTS! ouch!

We are 1 week old!  We have mastered crawling to the "milk bar" and getting our fill. Our eyes and ears are still closed.  They will open in another week or so.  We have almost doubled our weight since birth!

Puppies are 2 weeks old and beginning to open their eyes.  You will notice eyes are a bit cloudy and bluish.  This is normal and eyes will become clear and dark in the coming weeks.

Piper x Ryder puppies


Mariposa Ticket to Ryde Via Starborn

10 weeks old and going home....

7 weeks old! Only 3 more weeks until we leave to go with our forever families! It has been another busy week. We are learning a lot. Today we had temperament evaluations. Next week will be structure evaluations and soon everyone will know which one of us gets to go home with which family. We hardly ever hold still, unless we are sleeping, Michele says "it's harder to take pictures now!

Puppies are 5 weeks old, teething like crazy and suddenly Mom says "no more nursing"!  It's a good thing we have started eating solid food!

Belamour Grace Under Fire At Mariposa

Havanese at Mariposa